Mission & Values

Our Mission: To provide a reliable source of healthy food assistance for those in need, living in the communities served by the Westchester Food Pantry.

Thank you for your interest in Westchester Food Pantry and its efforts to support our neighbors in need.  For decades, the Westchester Food Pantry has been dedicated to providing nourishing food to individuals and families across Westchester and the surrounding communities who are experiencing food insecurity.

We have grown and adapted our services to meet the changing needs of our community.  We take pride in our efforts to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors is treated with respect and dignity, and receives the support they need to meet their basic needs.

We are always looking for ways to improve our services and expand our reach to better serve those in need.  If you’re interested in supporting our mission, we would love to hear from you!

Areas served:

Our Core Values


We approach our work with empathy and understand the diverse communities we serve. We will treat every client with dignity and respect.

Fostering Health.

For the communities we serve, providing access to healthy and good nutritional food choices is essential for good health. Hunger and food insecurity is not acceptable in the world we live in.


We are flexible and responsive to the changing needs of the community. We lead by finding creative ways to prevent and reduce hunger and food insecurity.


We know we cannot end hunger alone. We will continue to maintain, and create new partnerships with others to assist in raising public awareness, preventing, and reducing hunger and food insecurity.


We deliver outstanding services effectively, efficiently and with integrity.  We will avoid conflict of interests.  We will step up and put in extra effort, when needed, in order to get the job done.


Volunteering rewards those who volunteer, as well as those that we serve. Volunteering is being part of a team, creating friendships, and most of all, building a stronger community.  All volunteers will be treated with respect and gratitude.  Together, we do make a difference.

Corporate Citizen.

We will be a good corporate citizen and comply with both the spirit and letter of the law and regulations.  We will be fiscal responsible, transparent and accountable for all of our actions.


In order for us to continue to operate, we need to ensure there are adequate funds available. We will continue to seek financial support the traditional ways, and find innovative ways to raise additional funds.  We want the Pantry to be around a long time.

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